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Can I just skip this part? It's gonna be boring. This blog a bit floaty, never fixed and rarely stable. Hope you will enjoy it at least once. HAHA nvm. I heal, I raid, I grind, I QUIT, and the history? It's gonna repeat itself.

Give me 2 years back, and I will fixed everything's

Okey yang atas ni screenshot from my fbpage. Alief Muncung tu aku rasa korang pun kenal. Sumpah boleh tahan jugak "sengal". Aku syorkan korang ke blog dia kalau ade masa lapang nanti. Ini linknya.

So, aku keluarkan status yang macam tu. Then tak sangka la pulak ade feedback kan. No, I don't mean takde feedback langsung. Memang selalunya ade, at least "like" kan. Tapi tak sangka la pulak akan ada feedback yang macam ni. And aku rasa nak SHARE sangat-sangat pada korang semua. Aku harap korang tak kisah la eh sebab dalam bahaso omputih. Yang tukang komen ni pun mmg truly 100% pure mat salleh wooh! *profile picture die tak leh blah.

 - From the lovely Colin Freder! :)
I agree though that it will never happen, and probably for a good reason. Everyone has his or her own regrets about the past, but God made our lives in such a way that everything that does... happen, happen for a reason. For better or for worse, we today are products of what we have done in the past. Returning to yesterday to fix whatever that has gone wrong, though however wonderful it may seem, is merely wishful thinking because it doesn't happen anyway. Perhaps there's a good reason why that only happens in Doraemon and other fictional series.

Instead, wouldn't it be wonderful if we turn to a new page and write today what we want for ourselves tomorrow? Better thoughts, better words and better actions that not only light up our own lives, but also those of others. Only then this world will feel that much better to live in. =)

We can mourn for the spilled milk, yes, but that would rob ourselves of the precious time to make new ones. Let's just wipe the mess and grab ourselves another glass, and enjoy whatever it is that life has to offer. Have a nice day, bro. May God bless you. =)

Err? Ade siape-siape nak komen?
In English boleh? 
Come on try la sekali komen dalam BI. 
Aku tahu korang semua bijak belaka.

*aku nak tengok siape boleh komen paling comel dalam BI. Tee hee.

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Betul! Haha, Comel gila komen. ^^
Comes from putri noor syamimi!

Arigato gozaimasu. Adehh.
Betul tak? Lol. Yup gembel!
Comes from Rina Rossoneri!

Yaya ai ken 2. Lol u're funny astina. :p
Comes from A.s.t.i.n.a!

 Haha, tu lah kan? 30 minit kut. :)
Bagus gila kan dia?
Comes from Cik Fyza!

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사이트 ✻ romlah said...

oke , mr swift is a handsome guy ;)

*comey dop komen aku ni ? haha .
superb gilerr pic profile Colin tuh . sukaaaa ^_^

ria said...

i cant't speak america.. its so hard dude.. hahaha.. :)
what do u thing? ?

Mr. Swift said...

Romlah - Haha. That's so comel! And Romlah sangat cantik. :)

*haha, kan? so kreatif lol

사이트 ✻ romlah said...

mr swift - LOL ! ni bodek ke ? HAHA ;)

sangat kretip . nok g add dia laa :D

Mr. Swift said...

Ria - Eehh tu boleh je. Sampai ber"dude" lagi. Err did you mean "think?"

*nice try ria!

C I K . F Y Z A said...

(jom maen taram je grammar..hehe)

im wondering how many minutes that colin takes to finish typing that comment..

ria said...

ops.. silap plak. .=,='

A.s.t.i.n.a said...

oo ken.. ai ken spiking BI.

time very expensive.

maisarah sarah said...

yes, no, alright, thank you,

*hahaha..leh xkomen mcm tu??

lady dayana. said...

these post really have a great meanings to me. and he have a really wonderful thoughts there. i always feel the same, want to undo my wrongs and just fix everything around me. yet i know i can't. i always hope my life would be just like in fairytale, though i know it is just fairytale and fairytale does not exist in real life. but it is not wrong if i hope for it right? well, maybe i'll just hope tomorrow will be a better day :)

hehhe. so how was that? it really comes from heart :P

putri noor syamimi said...

most adorable!!! <--------paling comel dalam BI. betulla kan? hihi.^^

anaiha yusof said...

*ehem3 ayat last mencabar,mentang2 la eden soh die cakp omputih,skali kua omputih celop dia kasi..hahah
btw nice try and its really2 good bro when u try blogging in english,just ognore my grammatical error k..hey abou bro alief,yup thats right he mostly like u,creative thingkin..''otak gila'' heheh..
okie dokie nak cakp melyu blik heheh =)

Kina said...

I remember one quote from i'm sorry i can't remember.maaf tlupe siape. but it goes like this.

Don't grief over the past for it has gone.don't worry about the future for it has yet to in the present and make every moment worth remembering :)

let bygone be bygone and pray for a better us.a better me and you :)

teheeee :)

aLya said...

i wish the same thing la..haha
boleh ke camtu.. memang mantap la komen die..hehe

Anonymous said...

ya that's absolutely true! no more turning back,because past is past,and let bygone be bygone,we must think for the future.because thats the reality!we must face it!!

p/s-i used to think like this before but its a waste of time to think and imagine as we can fixed everything in the past because it will never going to happen.

so ide,for me,u're a great person,u have talent,do not regret what u have done in the past,its ok,because everyone,even me,do not judge you because of your past but everyone look u because ure now,ure here,and u in the future. okay dak kecik?hehe..:)

annynawati said...

waaa...tersentuh kot cara dia tegur..mujur in relation..klu x ngorat dah..hahahaha

"wouldn't it be wonderful if we turn to a new page and write today what we want for ourselves tomorrow?"
ayat paling best..semua org pnh buat silap..sapa yg tak dr pk bnda lps..elok kita pk pe lak nak buat esok..buat esok lebih berharga dr hr ni..

peace no war~~

Dea said...

Mr swift Mr swift Mr swift i love your blog so muchh. Comel ler nih kan HAHA

syahira abdullah said...


ha! kn dah komen.
hehee jadi tak, jadi tak? ^^_

Rina Rossoneri said...

wakarimasennnn hahahah...

kita xsuka nak patah2 balik..apa nak jadi,gembel...

нαηιмQαtяυηηα∂α said...

Like this---->but God made our lives in such a way that everything that does... happen, happen for a reason.

and this----->Instead, wouldn't it be wonderful if we turn to a new page and write today what we want for ourselves tomorrow? Better thoughts, better words and better actions that not only light up our own lives, but also those of others.

My advice: We cannot fix what we have done, but we can try to be a better person in the future. Give yourself a chance to change and people will see your good value if you are sincere.

*Ntah ape merepek ntah saye ni haha*

Ni saye jawab soalan awak pasal kura-kura gigit ke tak.

Jom singgah:
~Anak Aku/Tips Penjagaan Kura-Kura [Bahagian 2]

Anonymous said...

so,no matter what,be happy,make others happy,never regret whatever u did,and keep on coloring ur life wif da most beautiful memories u will never forget ;)

peace ;D

~aYeeN & SuE~ said...

alamak,speaking omputeh eh..

agree wif u,alief is quiet funnny person n friendly.
wahh..colin federer watch doraemon..haha..

lavender harum wangi said...

alaa Ide , no matter how dark the cloud...there's always a silver lining behind it~ even the things happen to u isn't a gud one but still mesti ada hikmahnya kan? kalau ko nak balik ke masa lampau pun belum tentu masa sekarang ni akan jadik lebih baik.. maybe it'll become worse~ :)

miss suju said...

I say..lets just pray and hope for a better future :)

FH said...

err.. good good. very good. haha

.:rizaL:. said...

ur blog is nice. nape la aku tak bace dr dulu lg...hehe..btw keep it update

bella said...

such a great comments..agree with him..what we do today will create our future..:)the more efforts we put to be the better one in the world and here after will make us more closer to our creator:)

Salhah Suhot said...

well..i'm not really good in english..but i'll try my best. people always regret of what happened in the past but also forget that everything has hikmah behind it. all they did was blame everyone or everything around them or the most worst..blaming GOD.

p/s:if there was mistake in my word..just 'pejam mata' ok?

Ryuzaki Ruziah said...

suke ayat power dia...kalo boley dpt kawan yg bagi advise mcm dia kan best,,eheee......(translet dalam bi)