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Can I just skip this part? It's gonna be boring. This blog a bit floaty, never fixed and rarely stable. Hope you will enjoy it at least once. HAHA nvm. I heal, I raid, I grind, I QUIT, and the history? It's gonna repeat itself.

Dear Love

Dear love

In my life,
I know I don't always get what I want,
But I know I will get at least one.
And I hope it's you.

Please don't make me cry,
I'm a boy ( big boy now ),
I got my own egoism,
But I will cry for you.

Miss me?
No you don't,
I can prove that,
Like you care.

How's your life?
Not so good?
Wow it's the same,
Maybe it's already stated that we were born to be together.

*Hope you understand eventhough this "pantun" sangat "tak ikut format". This is epic fail Malay boy. How typical. Maybe not.

Most Favourite Comments :

Yes, yes please. Nak tahu sangat. Tee hee. 
Comes from unieMARKS :)!

Haha, tak faham? Nvm. You're too cute to understand it. :p
Comes from lady dayana.!

It's history lah. Maybe for the next one. Lol.
Comes from nadeyra!

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A.s.t.i.n.a said...

r u oraitttttttt?

cik ciput said...

this is so sweet mt swift..

harap2 gurl tu baca 'pantun' awak ni..and maybe hati dia akn tersentuh..

**wish u all the best! =)

miera azzudin said... this entry...:)

nadeyra said...

Wow~ Boleh tahan jugak jiwang ni. Hee.
Try la approach ur love depan2. Mb dy akan lebih hargai kan ? (:

EJA said...

how romantic!

Kiwamiwa said...

Yaw Mr.Swift , berperasaan jugak yar ? Ku pikir ngak tadi :)

Anonymous said...

gimme 5!!

Anonymous said...

klulah pantun buat sy..hmmmm
bestnye dpt pak we cam mr swift..=)

anaiha yusof said...

ni mesti rindu kat gadis istimewa te kan,itu yang berjiwang jiwangin tu en..

lady dayana. said...

amboii comel nya pantun mr. swift :)) but actually i dnt quite undrstnd lah. hahaha. tp still comel jugak ! :P

нαηιмQαtяυηηα∂α said...

sweet =)

d Leeya said...

i luv it....heheehe

unieMARKS :) said...

omaiii ,
i like thissss . hee
seriously . sweet la . ouh bout your question pasal heartbreaker tuh . do you really want me to answer you ? hahha

nadeyra said...

HAHA, waiting for ur the-next-one pulak nih. Copek sikit cari mr swift :P

Anonymous said...

hi, new to the site, thanks.

♥farihin♥ said...

Srsly I tersentuh lla pulakk , haha .
Awesome punye pantun .
Luahan terbaik U (=