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Can I just skip this part? It's gonna be boring. This blog a bit floaty, never fixed and rarely stable. Hope you will enjoy it at least once. HAHA nvm. I heal, I raid, I grind, I QUIT, and the history? It's gonna repeat itself.

5 Taylors In The World Aku Takde Mood Lah Wehh

 Taylor Swift <3
 Even if i see your face everyday, but still none of them make me bored. 
Pakai minyak pengasih ke hape wehhhhhh. -_-'

Taylor Lauthner
 Dia kata dia hensem. Mujurluh benar. Tapii Bella....
Taylor Hack Hicks
Macho gila kan? Woohoo.

Taylor Momsen
She consider herself as a loner. Possible?
Taylor Dayne
*Aik ni pun nama Taylor ke? Aiyoyo mamak.

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